Social Media  Strategy

To build an active community on social, you must first gain a true understanding of your ideal target audience.

We provide full management services or

a detailed strategy guide so you can implement in-house

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Define your

Brand Voice

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Audience Analysis

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Competitive Analysis

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Hashtag Strategy

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Build an Active Community

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Real-Time Analytics

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Define your target audience persona

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Post frequency

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Understand your audience interests

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Editorial Calendar

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Understand Social Media algorithms

How many followers are you losing to competitors?

100? 1'000? 100'000? We can help you capture their attention and boost your visibility, so you aren't missing any opportunities to reach your target audience. Book a free strategic call now and benefits from immediate actionable insights:

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Social Media Strategy

Get Competitive Insights

The first step in building a comprehensive digital strategy is studying your competitors audiences, previous partnership results, and platform performance.   

Social Media Strategy

Better understand your target audience

Our proprietary analytics platform has access to 120M+ data points, allowing us to properly analyze and identify your ideal target audience and new potential customer base

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I don't feel alone anymore

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😊 Feels good to read 

Audience: Gen Z

Gender: Woman 77.4%

Location: 25% USA

Age: 37%  18-24 

Avg. Eng. Rate: 2.44%

Post frequency: 7 weekly

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Love this, very true 👏 👏👏

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Beauty Interest



Sport Interest



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Identify your ideal customer's interests and persona

With a combination of strong data analytics, organization, strategic direction and creative skills, a proper digital strategy is born.


Understand what type of content themes (product, facts, events, cuteness) interest your target customers, so you can spark reactions with strong post design and captions

An active community is essential, as studies show the majority of social media users make product purchase considerations directly on platform

Benefit from our In-House Platform

Tap into the world's largest social media database 



Our platform allow us to conduct analysis on more than 120M account pages across the key social media networks (Instagram, TikTok and YouTube)



We provide in-depth reporting (content performance, audience analytics, partnership reviews) on some of the world's biggest brands



Click provides data coverage for 30 languages and over 60 countries to properly scale your social media channels



Our platform lets us analyze profiles across more than 24 sectors including fashion, beauty, sport, entertainment

Data + Creativity + Organization --> Social Media Success = Sales Consideration

Social Media Strategy

Define your brand voice

Based upon your brand goals we provide all details needed for social media creation and management. This includes tailored strategies for brand awareness, product visibility, sales growth, community growth, and other KPIs

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Social Media Strategy

Build your editorial calendar

With diminishing attention spans for media consumption, brands need to build relevant content and keep their community engaged.

We manage all facets of the content editorial calendar, including key content themes, hashtag strategy, monthly post frequency guidelines, community engagement event recommendations and much more

Social Media Strategy

Create your community

With an ultimate goal of sales growth, brands must first focus on building an active community and connect with them personally

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Click provided us with an extremely comprehensive strategic plan, covering all key points that we needed to properly build and manage our social media accounts and community, entirely from scratch.  As a new business, we had not created any social media accounts and therefore did not have a community or established audience to reach. 


With their guidance and consultation, we have now built a community in the thousands, have a clear brand voice/aesthetic, gained key growth in awareness and reach across social, and most importantly, increased conversions to our website. 

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Over 48 businesses got a proposal from us in September 2021

What you'll get in your free strategic session

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Digital Audit

Audience overview, KPI's etc.

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Unique Growth Plan

Content creation, awareness strategy etc.

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Agency Overview

Services, expertise, pricing etc.