Why lean on external experts?

With it's ROI being similar to or better than other marketing techniques, Influencer Marketing is a new but fast growing industry. It is also a particular sector with a wide range of different actors. From Talent agencies to data analytic start-up's,

marketers tend to turn to third parties to run their influencer program.

-> According to a study 46% of the influencer partnerships are not run in-house.

We enter a new era, new ways of working are being sought. This is already happening with a proposed four-day working week in Finland and the rise of remote working.

With wellbeing equally high on the agenda, the work-life balance is something we are all striving more toward. In the UK alone, a third of employees are not happy with their work-life balance.

Recruiting professionals in agencies and influencer marketing companies will continue to help brands use their time and resources more effectively, whilst acknowledging the value of expert insight.

In addition, several expert agencies such as Click Analytic, possess innovative tools and solution to better analyze audience demographics and interests but also to identify influencers.

Click Analytic is a full-service influencer digital agency headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. We use data analytics to deliver original and bespoke influencer programs. To learn more, get in touch today.