New Regulation in Influencer Marketing and How to comply with FTC Guidelines


The Influencer Marketing industry is a currently a grey area, often described as the Wild West, with lots of influencers faking their numbers and worth. Marketers are looking for solutions to solve this problem, such as turning to experts such as Click Analytic.

Indeed, at Click Analytic, we analyze and authenticate influencer stats and key demographics to certify partnerships before launching campaigns. We also regulate stories performance and determine the best timing to post promoted content.

To address the changing face of influencers, the industry has been forced to review best practices. We’ve already seen Instagram address concerns of undisclosed marketing, by better enforcing disclosures with #Ad, #Spon and ‘brand partnerships’ in the past year.

France was ahead of the game in 2018, when the government introduced a fake news’ law to remove content that may be misleading during election campaigns. While in America, the industry started to clean itself up with FTC guidelines introducing new regulations for online advertising.

Greater regulation is needed, along with enforcement from those in power around the world.

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